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About Us

Hey you,


I’m Kelani, Founder and Head of Growth here at Townsafrica.

Let’s not beat around the bush here.

You’re on this website because you want to know if we are worth your time and trust to do business with. Not to hear my life story.

But here’s the short version…

Townsafrica was started over one year ago from a little office that belonged to my partner Abdul. Although we had a vision and a clear goal we really had no real idea on how to execute our business plans, so we resulted in trial and error until I got my first few customers.

Over time, my growing team and I learned a lot and put these lessons into practice to create a system that has helped us satisfy over 1000 customers in the space of a year Fast forward to today, and… We were ranked one of the highest business for customer satisfaction, although from the feedback we know how much we can improve our services and your experience.

You see we don’t worry about the thing we are doing perfect but we focus more on what we can do better and trust me when I say we will get them but we are humans and we will make mistakes but if there’s a team you can put your money on to correct these mistakes, it’s us. With over 300 reviews my best to date is this. “These guys are so honest and real. There was a little delay with my first order but the way they made me feel with consistent updates and calls of assurance is one of the calmest experience I’ve had with any business, the best part is how they put my next order as a high priority”

Why Townsafrica?

Apart from what we do, the most important thing for us is making our customers feel as comfortable as possible through any service we provide.

Townsafrica Local deals with a direct business to customer retail service with all products on the platform already in the country. Here customers shop items and receive between 4-7days.

Do you want to shop the best UK and US stores and get your items delivered to your doorstep without too many processes, hassle and stress? Well, that exactly what towns Global does. Go HERE to discover more

Towns Africa Charity Pledge

Townsafrica is a progressive organization that is deeply concerned with our corporate social responsibility. We recognise the many global issues that exist in our world and recognize our role in providing solutions. As such we will support organizations at the forefront of the fight for a better Nigeria and a better world. From inequality to climate change, from disability to exclusion, From hunger to education, from vulnerability to conflict and war, We will be at the forefront to support monetary gain, awareness creation and resource provision.

Towns Africa will not remain silent or devoid of action in the face of injustice or social turmoil. We take a stand in solidarity with humanity to always lend a hand in any crises we can. We hope that our many customers will support us and lend a hand in this fight as we change the world for good.


  • Discounts code to raise awareness
  • Products attached to social causes Supporting various programs through sponsorship e.g Redeemers university awareness programmes
  • Partnering with social entrepreneurs to make product packages at a discounted price
  • Skill training programmes
  • Webinars
  • Recognizing international days and suggesting ways we can help
  • Matching donations