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Frequently Ask Questions - FAQs

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Ordering at towns happens with just a few clicks. You browse through our fine array of products and add your desired choices to your cart, login to your account or register an account, Fill in required information (your information is completely safe and secure), select your payment method (we emphasis it’s 100% safe. And if you feel uncomfortable you can always request a refund).
Towns Africa is an SME which prides ourselves with excellence and customer comfort. Our array of customer service associates will serve you 24/7 and our online interface is so easy to use. We give our full honesty on questions regarding products, Time and Services with offer
We do not require any personal information that is not necessary. All the required personal information will reflect at the profile creation stage. Any other payment information will be on Paystack which is completely secure. Note: we do not have any form of access to a single information put on paystack.

PAYSTACK: Online payment is usually the final step of any online transaction, and to make you our customers feel satisfied with our services, we have provided one of the most secure online payment method safe, fast and easy to follow. It is important for us to make the checkout process as easy and simple as possible to critically give you the most convenient experience. The importance of a convenient payment method cannot be overstated. Also With Paystack you can request a refund if payment has been made.

PAYPAL: This method is available for our international customers BANK TRANSFERS: we accept bank transfers in our two states (Lagos and Oyo) where we have the pay on delivery option only. As we have offices and staffs who operate in this zones.


Yes we do accept order cancellations which can be done through our customer care lines.
95% of the time YES!. now the 5% which we know you don't want to hear about could be a few number of reasons. most common factor is our direct affiliate to warehouse program. Here our registered affiliates sale directly through our warehousing department. Updates on stock could take as long as 24-72hours. Other factors involved double counting. But you don't have to worry if payment is made and we have any of this issues you will be refunded in less than an hour after confirmation of item unavailability.
This is one of our most asked questions. So townsafrica is a limited company registered under the company laws of Nigeria which sales to the direct African consumers. Our operations chain is dependent on our international partners who have trust us to sell their products to the African market by shipping in bulk with a comprehensive product list. Note: These partners are international wholesalers and a couple of Nigerian partners. As a result of the quantity of items shipped in, 76% of orders are inspected before shipping to our customers. Note: if we have any issues with the item order might be cancelled. Although costumers are updated frequently through their email (so kindly check and also emails may go to junk or spam sometimes)
We have customer care phone lines +23408077136897, a customer care whatsapp line +23407081613449, a company email and a website chat box at the right bottom corner of your screen. The mediums can be found in the contact us docket at the bottom of the screen. 
Every order has a number and the processing can be tracked. At every step in the process emails or calls will be sent out to update customers about the status of their order. You can also easily check your order history were your order updates will be posted frequently or you can use our chat box and a staff will give you the specific location of your order.
Depending on location and product delivery may take between 2-7 working days for standard orders. On special orders delivery may take 10-14 days. Special Orders involve: orders that have been uploaded that still have to be shipped in when order is placed. Also orders we procure for you.
We have a shipping calculator on every product page. Try it out.
Login to your account profile and edit address or add new in the settings option.
we deliver to the 36 states in Nigeria with our excellent shipping partners swift logistics, GIG logistics, Towns express shipping, Conair cargo services. But at towns we aim to please, we can deliver to any location within a scope we can ensure excellence; just reach out to our customer care mediums

How can I create an account? It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is click on the register option at the top of the page.

How to retrieve password? After opening the login docket at the top of the page, click on forgot password and follow the instructions from then on.

How to change details? Once you have successfully logged in, all you have to do is click the edit account option.